Exhibiting At Trade Shows? 5 Reasons To Rent Local Storage


Trade shows are an important part of the sales and marketing efforts of many businesses. But they also involve a lot of planning, preparation, effort, and cost. How can you make your trade show experience more successful and less costly with one simple addition? Consider the benefits of renting a storage space in the local area. Here are some of the many ways it will help your team. 

1. Keep Show Costs Down

Renting booth space, storage space, and equipment from the convention venue or organizers is usually expensive. Get more bang for your buck by moving your equipment, extra inventory, and other extraneous miscellany to an inexpensive off-site location. 

2. Organize Your Space and Team

Messy booths are unattractive to attendees. And they make your team's work harder and less efficient. Instead of hoarding all your displays, supplies, and workers in one space, clean it up by having a storage spot nearby. It's close enough to be convenient but far enough that both it and the booth will be more focused. 

3. Bring Extra Stuff

Anyone who has exhibited at a trade show knows to expect the unexpected. Away from home, you must try to anticipate everything that could go wrong, go right, or just go differently than planned. But you also don't want to — or can't — keep all your backup plans in your booth. The perfect solution is to rent a storage unit to host all the extra things you might need rather than leave them behind. 

4. Take Pressure Off Staff

Your employees work hard to market your brand and sell to new customers during the show. But can you make their work easier by providing a secondary space? They can bring more of what they might feel they will need. Hotel rooms won't be filled with extra supplies and inventory. And if your show is just close enough to drive back and forth, local storage means people aren't wasting time doing so unnecessarily. 

5. Create a Staging Ground

No matter how much you prepare your booth, displays, and wares at your business before packing, getting everything in place on-site is challenging. Could an open space of your own help? Use a storage space as a staging area where you can work out the kinks away from prying eyes. Get things ready before the setup rush and have more time to break down the equipment after the show closes. 

Where to Start

Find all the ways that local storage can help you by touring storage facilities near the trade show venue today. No matter what you need, this could be a cost-effective and simple solution to boost your profit and reduce stress.  Keep these tips in mind when looking for storage options near you.


26 July 2023

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