No Time For Planning: 4 Ways To Make Your Last-Minute Move Go Smoothly


Moving is stressful enough. Unfortunately, the stress level can go even higher when you're faced with an unexpected last minute move. If a last minute move has caught you off-guard, don't panic. You can still get through it with limited hardship. Here are four simple steps that will help alleviate the stress associated with a last minute move.

Plan One Day for Phone Calls

Whether you're moving a mile away or a hundred miles away, you're going to need to make some phone calls. Schedule one day to make those phone calls. Make a list of every phone call you need to make. As you make each phone call, mark them off your list. This will ensure that your packing isn't interrupted by last-minute phone calls. Some of the calls you'll need to make will include:

  • Utility companies – to turn off/on services
  • Movers – one that specializes in last minute moves, like Modern Movers, Inc.
  • Friends – to help with the packing

Pack at Arms-Length

When you're packing for a scheduled move, you'll have plenty of time to plan your packing. However, last minute moves don't always afford you a lot of time. That's where arms-length packing will come in handy. This method will allow you to pack quickly and efficiently. For this method, you'll need to work in a room-to-room fashion. Grab a box and pack everything that is within arms-length from where you are standing or sitting. Once everything is packed from that area, move to the next location. This will prevent you from wasting time walking back-and-forth to the boxes.


If you have to move in a hurry, you might not have enough time to take everything with you. This is a good time to down-size. Before you start packing, go through your home and make a list of the things you won't be taking with you. Move those items to a separate corner of the house. Once you've selected everything you won't be taking with you, call a local donation center and schedule a pick-up.

Resist Small Loads

If you're not making a long-distance move, you might have decided to forgo the moving company. If that's the case, you might be tempted to take a few small loads over as you're done packing. Unfortunately, you may end up spending more time on those small loads. Instead of taking smaller loads as you get them packed, wait to move things until everything is packed up and ready to go.

Last minute moves don't have to be unbearable. Use the tips provided above to help make your last minute move as stress-free as possible.


19 January 2016

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