Tips For Storing Alcohol In A Storage Unit


Whether you are staging your home for sale and are worried about theft, or you have already sold but don't have a new permanent home quite yet, it isn't always feasible to store your liquor at home. You can store alcohol, whether it's beer, spirits or wine, in your self storage unit with the rest of your stuff. The following tips can ensure that the quality is not compromised.

Tip #1: Go With the Control

Climate control, that is. High temperatures can ruin your booze because it can cause the sugars in the alcohol to break down. In fact, 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended temperature range for wine. It is also a good idea to choose a unit that won't get too cool. Freezing temperatures are also not good for alcohol storage.

Tip #2: Protect the Glass

With the exception of wine, alcohol bottles should be stored upright to minimize the chances of leaking. Wrap each bottle with bubble wrap and slip it into a plastic storage tub. Tubs are preferred over boxes, since they keep out moisture and the bottom isn't likely to give out from the weight of the bottles. It's also a good idea to only place one layer of bottles in each tub. If there is still space, lay a blanket or a few sheets of bubble wrap to further cushion the cargo. Then, stack these tubs one deep in the unit so there is no weight pushing down on top, since this could damage the bottles.

Tip #3: Get Tipsy

Wine is best stored on its side, since this prevents the cork from drying. You can package the bottles in bubble wrap just as you would any other bottle; just simply stack them on their sides in the container. Place a blanket over each layer of bottles to protect them and stack the bottles on their sides no more than two layers deep. Do not attempt to stack anything other than the traditional-shaped wine bottle.

Tip #4: Turn Off the Light

Finally, keep the light off in your unit. Light exposure can cause chemical changes in the alcohol, which is why many bottles are dark in color to begin with. While storing the bottles in tubs will help block out most light, it's still a good idea to turn off the lights when you are not active in the unit.

For more information on storing your items, contact a self storage facility like L M Storage near you.


14 January 2016

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