How To Make The Transition To Your New Home


Did you sell your present home faster than you expected to? If so, you are probably experiencing mixed emotions. Part of you is relieved to have the house sold, while another part of you is stressed about having to step up the move. Here are some ideas that might help you and your family make the transition an easier one.

First Things First - Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to find a place to live. Your real estate agent will know of furnished homes you can rent for a short duration. If you'd rather be in a furnished apartment, there are services that can locate an apartment in your children's school district. You may have to pay a higher deposit since you're not going to be renting for a long time, but the convenience will be worth the expense.

Set A Time Limit - Start with a family meeting. Explain to your kids that you're excited that your house sold. Tell them that the only problem with that is that they have to be fast about helping you to get ready for the move. Give them a certain date to have all of their belongings ready to either give to charity or to be packed by the movers.Remind them that anything left in the house will be packed. So, if dirty laundry is stashed in a corner of the closet, dirty laundry will be unpacked at the new house. That should get their attention!

Keep Personal Belongings Close By - Give each child a backpack or a suitcase and ask them to pack only what they'll need while in transition. If your little ones have something like a special blanket, a pillow or a favorite stuffed bunny, be sure that gets packed in their own special case. Another good idea is to leave bedding that will be familiar to everybody. Will you need cooking equipment at the rental house or at the apartment? Keep out only what you'll need and rely on paper plates and other paper goods during the short time you'll be renting.

Packing And Storing - Take advantage of moving and storage services. The same company that is going to pack your things for the move can also store your furniture and other belongings until your new house is ready to be occupied. You can be sure that things in storage will be safe, as they'll be placed in climate-controlled storage units. In addition, there will be constant surveillance at the storage property. An added convenience is that you'll have access to your belongings which means that you'll be able to get to things even before they're unpacked at your new place.

Don't forget to take contact information on friends you are leaving behind. It will be great to know that you can still keep in close touch with people you have grown to love.


6 January 2016

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