Tips For Moving An Aging Parent Into Your Home


If your parent is at a point in their life where they might need a little extra care or to be close by, moving them into your home might be the next logical step. Downsizing and moving out of a home your parent has lived in for years can be hard. Here are four tips to make this move as smooth as possible for you and your parent.

1. Discuss Space Limitations With Your Parent

Make sure that your parent understands what moving into your home entails. Whether your parent is moving into an in-law situation or a room in your home, this might be a significant downsize for them. Make sure that they understand this move will involve letting go of some items and help them process this information before getting started on the move itself.

2. Help With Packing and Organizing

It might be hard on a parent to pack up and decide what belongings are important to bring and what can go. If you can be there through most of the packing process, you can help move things along. Be sensitive and don't rush your parent. If there will be a lot of things to pack up and move, calling in the help of professional packers and a local moving company can make the process less overwhelming.

3. Using Storage if Needed

If your parent is having a hard time sorting through household items or letting go of things that won't fit in their new home, it might not be worth the fight at the moment. A good way to shelve this argument is to rent a storage space for items that your parent is on the fence about. These will be safe and secure while they mull items over, but won't slow down the moving process in the interim.

4. Be on Both Sides of the Move

It is a good idea that you or another family member can facilitate both sides of a move, in case your parent gets overwhelmed. Make sure that you can take charge in packing up their home and unpacking on your side. This will avoid confusion and help keep the process as efficient as possible for everyone involved.  

Moving into a smaller space can be hard for a parent even if this is the best, safest option at this point in their life. While this next step might seem like a win-win to you, the actual move process might be tough for your parent to go through. Make sure you are ready to tackle your parent's move with a plan, while at the same time being sensitive along the way.

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30 December 2015

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